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Mobile Crushing Station Facilitates the Utilization of Urban Construction Resour

Construction waste refers to the solid waste generated during the construction, maintenance and demolition of buildings, including waste concrete block, asphalt concrete block, mortar, broken brick slag, metal, bamboo timber, waste of decoration, many kinds of wrapper and other waste, etc. Construction waste is the largest urban garbage source, accounting for 30%-40% of city wastes.

In the past, most construction waste was stacked or buried directly in the open air without any treatment. This approach not only consumes a lot of valuable land resources, but also wastes a lot of building materials that can be recycled. At the same time, dust, ash and sand flying problem in the process of clearing and stacking also aggravate environmental pollution.

Mobile Crushing Station

The utilization of construction waste resources not only has good environmental benefits, but also contains huge economic benefits. The recycled products of construction wastes, including recycled aggregates, regenerated inorganic mixtures, recycled bricks, recycled concrete and so on, are widely used in road engineering, municipal, garden, river slope protection, square and other fields.

At present, the extensive utilization of construction waste resources mainly has two kinds of processes: factory crushing regeneration and local regeneration. Compared with factory crushing regeneration, local regeneration utilizes mobile crushing equipment to deal with waste in site, the advantage of this approach is that all kinds of equipment can be moved near the processing site, reducing transportation cost and avoiding secondary pollution, which is very flexible and convenient.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Ltd researches and produces a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment, including coarse crushing mobile crushing stations, medium and fine screening stations, independent operation combination mobile crushing stations, mobile VSI crushing station, fine sand washing stations, three combination mobile crushing stations and four combination mobile crushing stations, etc. All kinds of combination forms can meet the customer's production needs of multifarious recycled aggregate, which are received the praise of the domestic and international customers.

At present, we have a number of mobile crushing production sites both at home and abroad, and we offer appointment of field visit online. For more information on the utilization of urban building resources and the quotation of equipment, please click online customer service.

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